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Where is Little Joe? (Update) Found!

New York, United States Us

Where is Little Joe? I picked up a couple 'Joe Pye Weed' (Little Joe) plants on clearance last Autumn for the butterfly garden...blah blah blah! He just slept in a little but here he is. Love those gorgeous leaves.

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I used to grow it but decided I could use the space for other plants. it rarely showed above ground before mid- May so it may be not showing yet. gently scrape back some soil around the old stems and see if you can see any growth. it certainly was extremely hardy in my garden as it survived the 2 really bad winters of 2010/11 and 2011/12. it was a devil to dig out and I still get the odd seedling appearing.

23 Apr, 2019


Yeh, that sounds like a plant for me - tough rugged. This is just a dwarf version of what you had, but I always wanted this in my butterfly garden. It was a strong healthy plant and I have no diseases in my garden to speak of and we had a mild winter, so looking forward to seeing this grow. Thanks!

23 Apr, 2019


I’m the same with my persicaria red dragon. Every couple of days I’m out there looking for shoots. Today I finally found a teeny bit of new growth. I suppose it is only April!

23 Apr, 2019


I've seen this growing strongly on the cliffs here in west Wales, open to lots of wind and rain. I didn't know what it was at first, but it looks pretty tough. Hang on, bet it appears when its ready!.

23 Apr, 2019


I like the look of this, well the second pic Bathgate. Lovely flowers!
Fingers crossed for you!

24 Apr, 2019


Very interesting to read everybody's comments - very helpful. Thank You!

27 Apr, 2019

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