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By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Leeks have germinated...please can anyone tell me do I try and split them and put in individual pots??




I would plant them in the ground as with onions. Do you have a cultivated bed prepared for them? Dig a long trench about 3-4 inches deep. Space them in the trench about 6 inches apart, the cover the roots with rich compost and give a good watering. Keep weed free and most.

1 May, 2019


I plant mine to follow new potatoes so I prick them out into trays until the ground is ready. So please yourself!

1 May, 2019


I have in the past pricked them out into individual pots and when they are about the width of a size of a pencil, plant them out into their final position.

1 May, 2019


Thank you.

2 May, 2019


thinking about it I only sowed 3 or 4 seeds per cell to make that job easier. but the cells were an inch square and there were 12 cells.

2 May, 2019


If the roots are coming through the bottom of the cells and you do not yet have the space to plant them out, pop out the contents of each cell and transplant the whole in to a much deeper pot, eg. a clematis pot. Many garden centres have a recycling box where people drop off empty pots so no need to buy new ones. There seems to be enough room for the seedlings to expand without going to the trouble of potting them on individually.

3 May, 2019

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