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I found vine weevil in 2 of my pots ... i washed all the compost off the roots and repotted in fresh compost. Do i still have to use nematodes? if so where do i buy it from please ?.



If you have washed them then no you don't need to use nematodes. I tend to add in a bit of grit to make it less appealing to the female when she comes to lay her eggs. good garden centres should sell the nematodes as a 'powder' containing their eggs that you water onto the pots. they have to be at a certain temperature to survive however.

3 May, 2019


I have a problem with vine weevil and use SBM Life Science Provado 500ml Vine Weevil Killer2. You can only use it on container plants and it's best to use a preventative and treat the plants before the weevil attacks. I am not an expert but it is my contention that nematodes are useful but when they've killed all the weevils or eggs, they will die themselves.

3 May, 2019


Helps as well if you use a non-peat compost and then put at least an inch if not more of fine grit around the plants . They do not lay their eggs if they cannot reach the soil.

3 May, 2019


Thank you to all who replied ...much appreciated.

8 May, 2019

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