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By Kate123

East Yorkshire , United Kingdom Gb

Hello, I've purchased my first lilac today, a Syringa josee. Just wondering if anyone has advice on best planting position and any requirements it may benefit from etc. I appreciate I can Google, but you can't beat advice from gardeners who are already growing the plants!
Appreciate any feedback :)

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That’s a great choice, Kate, you will love it. It isn’t too fussy, but would prefer a sunny spot. Dig a big hole for it and put plenty of multipurpose compost around its roots, then give it a good soaking. Then just look forward to the wonderful scent!

5 May, 2019


That's a nice choice. I wish I had space for one.

5 May, 2019


Ditto Bathgate, just wish I had space for a lilac

6 May, 2019


they are not fussy at all but don't plant too close to a wall or fence as it will soon grow into that space.
I have 2 one in full sun and the other in partial shade. both do well.

6 May, 2019


What kind do you have Eileen? Is there a kind that doesn't get too big?

6 May, 2019


Thank you Sheila, Bathgate, Grandad and Seaburngirl!
Appreciate all the feedback. I’ll take all your advice when I plant it out today.

6 May, 2019


Bathgate there is even a dwarf one called Palibin. Mine is flowering right now and has the proper lilac scent. Of course the flowers are small in proportion.

6 May, 2019


Snap Stera! I love my Palibin - the scent is so gorgeous.

6 May, 2019


My 2 lilac, lilacs are unnamed and were in the garden when we moved in 20+ yrs ago. One gets to 15ft and we regularly prune it to keep it in that space, the other is kept at about 10 ft.
I also have a small one called Primrose and as the name suggests it is a soft yellow colour. That is in a large pot and I am glad I did as it suckers really badly.

I do find that neither lilac do well in a vase, 4 days tops. Once picked the buds rarely open. Even though I change the water daily.

6 May, 2019


Strange, isn’t it, that Lilacs don’t last long in a vase, but even when they’ve flopped their scent is still wafting :)

6 May, 2019


Now that you have mentioned a dwarf lilac Stera and Sheilabub, I'm going to see if I can get one for next year. The scent is so nostalgic for me as I'm sure it is for many other people. I read that it's our strongest sense for bringing back memories. Hawthorn, Elderberry and Lupins also do it for me. Oh and Flowering Currant (Ribes?).

9 May, 2019


Thanks Merlin for your feedback. I just hope this dreadful but most needed rain doesn’t flatten the poor thing!

9 May, 2019


There are several dwarf varieties available 'Miss Kim' is one and Hywel posted another one.

10 May, 2019

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