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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have lots of rhubarb leaves but the local know-all tells me they can’t go in the compost bin. Surely they can.( I hope )



Hi Hank, yes you can, although they contain oxalic acid, this breaks down and is diluted quite quickly, so it won't affect your compost heap unduly, Derek.

9 May, 2019


yes of course they can go on the compost heap. that is what happens to them in nature, they rot down into harmless substances. tell your 'know it all' friend he/she is wrong.

9 May, 2019


Why not use the leaves to make an insecticide? Lots of links on the net on how to.

10 May, 2019


Thanks guys, have put him straight.

11 May, 2019


I understand that the resulting insecticide is lethal to bees, so be careful!

17 May, 2019

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