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Holly trees.
Two years ago I bought 4 little holly trees of different varieties, one male and 3 female. I potted them into 10" pots and they have done very well. They are now 18" or so tall and I feel they need larger pots. Would it be ok to do that now while the females are in bloom and new berries are forming, or should I wait? When would be the best time to repot them please?



I'd go for it, as they are in pots there should be no root damage / disturbance & they'll have all summer to settle in

You may just want to leave them in same postion for now whilst the flowers are on, just in case bees have located them and can find them again

I've only one, female, bought for me at Christmas. I'm amazed at just how many bees & insects the flowers attract. It looks like all my berries have set, despite no obvious male I can see near me

PS I repotted mine recently, seems to doing OK

11 May, 2019


yes you can repot on now and they will be fine. don't forget to water and I usually add some slow release fertilizer granules to the compost too.

11 May, 2019


Thank you both very much. Maybe yours is self-fertilizing, Grandad.

11 May, 2019

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