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What size pot should I plant 2 Tuberose bulbs please?



how big are the bulbs? general rule of thumb is usually two to three times their depth and about the same distance apart.

15 May, 2019


ThanKs Sbg. They are not very big; only like a smallish daffodil. I'll follow your advice.

15 May, 2019


I was thinking about these but put off by the Winter storage faff. They're corms rather than bulbs that can bulk up a fair bit underground. Depending on the size of corm you're planting now I'd go at least 10 or 12 inch pot each (or approx. equivalent)
Did you order online Merlin? I would like more fragrant things

15 May, 2019


Yes Darren I did buy online. I wanted sweet scents for my patio this year but I keep making mistakes.Your advice about size is very valuable.So I will plant one to a pot

16 May, 2019


I'm no expert on it though... I bet I make more mistakes than you😊
The Tuberose plant I was thinking of comes from S. America, is v. fragrant with fleshy white flowers. Is that the one?
It's not going to grow that well in the uk long term & it's more work than growing orchids.
You could get it to flower in a sunny spot this year but it won't like an English Autumn let alone Winter

17 May, 2019


Yes I think that's the one Darren. I think you're right about it not being a good grower in the UK, and especially in my garden where there is nowhere that gets the sun all day. Probably wasted my dosh but hey, it's all experience and I might be lucky. Glad I only bought two.

17 May, 2019


the plant is actually called Polianthes tuberosa and the 'bulb' is a tuber really hence its name. but as you say it isn't hardy in the uk. grow in apot and when the foliage dies down it needs to be kept dry and frost free. same sort of faff as dahlias, canna, watsonia etc.

good in a conservatory though.

rhs link below

18 May, 2019


At least in pots you can keep moving it into sunny spots? It's a lovely plant, well worth a try imo! I'd give it a go but the whole thing of taking the tuber out of soil & storing it in sand over Winter then trying to work out which bits to plant next Spring...
You'll be fully entitled to be unspeakably smug if you do get it into flower too😄

18 May, 2019

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