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We have a red robin bush about 30 years old. This year it has lots of blossom sort of white in colour. Can't remember seeing it blossom in could this be result of last year's hot summer or is it age related?



Hi, if you didn't prune it last year, then it will flower on the wood produced last year, but as these are usually grown for the leaf colour, most are pruned every year, nothing to do with last summers heat, or age, Derek.

16 May, 2019


Hi Lionel! Lucky you! I’ve never seen one in flower, but further south they flower quite readily each year.

16 May, 2019


I have found that, they seem to flower with age, I have a largish photinia that I planted twelve years ago and I have left it unpruned, it’s never flowered until this year, and I have noticed that most of the photinias in mid France seem to flower really well in the limousin region where it is generally hot in the summer, most photinias here in Derbyshire seem to be flowering well.

16 May, 2019


Lionelhenry. I have Just put a photo of my Red Robin ,also in full bloom this year . Couldn’t reply with photo ,So had to put separately See. “ other questions above “

19 May, 2019

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