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Scotland Sco

After enjoying Wildroses blog where she showed lots of plants in pots in Europe I thought I would have a change and fill the pots on the wall outside the kitchen window with trailing geraniums. I have three queries 1. do I need to interplant the trailing geraniums with upright ones?
2. some of the trailing stems got broken. Can I use them as cuttings or is it too late? 3. Should I nip back the stems to make the plants bushier?




its up to you if you want to add upright pelargoniums. remove any flower buds and the broken stems will more than likely root for you.

if they are quite large then yes nip back a few of the stems or remove any of the flower buds to make the plant produce more.
keep dead heading all through the summer.

17 May, 2019


Thank you Sbg that all makes sense.

17 May, 2019

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