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By Millie

kent, United Kingdom Gb

I have just put in a small pond and unsure of which plants I can put in I have placed four on ledges which has not needed to be sunk halfway down but I have nothing on base it will only be a wildlife pond no fish any thoughts please



it depends on how deep the shelf is. is it a liner/fibre glass pond on dug onto clay?

plants from the bottom are things like lilies [some are depth dependent so buy one suitable for the depth. also water hawthorn is a nice fully submerged plant.

19 May, 2019


IT is a pre formed pond with 3ledges which I have it plants on but nothing full depth

19 May, 2019


I'd definitely go for a lily - you should get flowers all summer.
(Depending how small "small" is best be careful you get one that is intended for small ponds or you'll be having to spit it too often.)For your marginals its a good idea to have a tall plant among them as dragonflies and damsel flies like to lay their larvae on them.

19 May, 2019


A good choice would be to put a basket of Zebra grass on the mid ledge, it’s good for the pond and looks striking, after a couple of years though it will need dividing as it will soon become pot bound, at the side of the pond if you can, you could put one of the Rodgersias but make it a little bogy for them.

19 May, 2019

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