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By Pammie

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can I now leave my Tomato plants out now ,have been hardening off , in & out of greenhouse for nearly 1 week



They should be safe Pammie, but keep an eye on the forecast. If there was a late, severe frost, you might need a bit of fleece to protect them.

19 May, 2019


Thanks Sheilabub , it’s such a “ chore “ each day ,will be glad when I can put them in their right place the garden . The 6 plants are looking really strong . I’ve also got 3 in the greenhouse & 3 cucumber plants.

19 May, 2019


Sounds like you’re doing fine Pammie.

19 May, 2019


You'll have no problems, temperature overnight is unlikely to get near 5°c in Cambridgeshire now.
Are the cucumbers in pots? They're buggers to transplant into open soil

19 May, 2019


Darren8. Cucumbers in pots in the greenhouse .We had such a good crop last year , & Grandchildren Love the
“mini “ ones I also grow .

20 May, 2019


Drat, already lost 4 cukes this year. They just don't want to grow in the veg patch. Planted the last chance seeds earlier. Then I'll have to grow in pots...

20 May, 2019

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