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Please can anyone tell me what this is? Is it an iris?




Might be dogtooth violet (erythronium)

20 May, 2019


its not erythronium as the foliage isn't strap like and this is. I am assuming it is in a standard tray [about12" long]. it does look like a rhizomatous iris [possibly the native yellow flag]that has been allowed to dry out. there appears to be some green at the right hand end.

I'd cut the end off so the green end has about 2-3" of rhizome left on it. plant in a good moist compost and see what happens. did you find it or have you dug it up?

20 May, 2019


I found it in the potting shed the other day when I was having a tidy up. It’s been there all winter. I’ve soaked it in water overnight.
Thanks for the help. I think it’s probably an iris of some kind.

20 May, 2019


well I think a bearded iris is the most probable unless you have a pond with iris in. you may be lucky and get it to recover. I always love the challenge.

20 May, 2019

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