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Does anyone know if there is a GOY app for a smart phone please?



There must be Meadowland, because someone suggested to me that if I download the app (on my iphone), it would enable me to post photos without using my chromebook.

21 May, 2019


If there is, notification should have gone out. Otherwise, why bother? So far, I ain't get nothin'.

21 May, 2019


Do you clean your laptop Meadowland? Windows computers need it fairly regularly to get rid of the accumulation of cookies & so on that slow them down.
There are good free apps to do it though. 360Amigo is a good, one-click tool. Ccleaner (formerly Crapcleaner) is good. Bleachbit doesn't have a very user-friendly interface but is very effective!
I run a couple of them at least once a week along with a virus scan & my old desktop pc is still pretty good

23 May, 2019


Darren, interesting information about cleaning your PC to keep it running at a decent speed, thank you. My usual message is ...... (Not Responding). I click the mouse, then go and make a cuppa, while the PC has a think about things. I'll definitely give that a go.

11 Jun, 2019


Meadowland, you may just have introduced some hi tech into GOY. I don't have a smart phone, but I assume an app. exists for iPads? I am going to check this out now.

11 Jun, 2019


Thanks Darren. If you get into some deep doo doo, try Malwarebytes. It works on any kind of malware, especially ransomware and the most horrid kind of viruses that frieze up your system.

11 Jun, 2019

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