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Cherry plum tree!! Is it possible?. Sit back and let me explain. I had a plum tree planted in the ground under my kitchen window. I had a cherry tree planted in a pot right next to it. To be absolutely honest with you all, i didnt tend to either tree the way I should have. Some how they seem to have grown onto each other and I now have the smallest plums that look like cherries I have ever seen. They taste fantastic, but if I wanted to make a cherry plum pie I would be fishing out tiny stones all day long. How could this be? I have heard of evolotion but have I created through neglect a new species?



No, amazingly I suspect you have not! :-). Stone fruit hate being in pots anyway and the fruit of either will not have developed properly. They need to be in the ground.

4 Sep, 2010


I have heard rumors of cherries and plums crossing, but that would only affect the fruit of a volunteer seedling. More likely the plum tree was grafted onto a "cherry plum" (Prunus blireana), a species sometimes used--usually unsuccessfully--as a rootstock to try to dwarf plums. The little plums may be coming from a sucker that was left on too long.

4 Sep, 2010


Aah Fractal and I thought I had discovered something fantastic and unique!! lol I was feeling a little bit like Darwin

5 Sep, 2010



5 Sep, 2010


Drat! Bursting bubbles again! ; )

6 Sep, 2010



6 Sep, 2010

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