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By Bloomer

yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

These two plants are in my neighbours garden,and he would like to know the name please..I recognise the foliage,but can't remember what it is..Thank you...




on my very small screen my first thought is sambucus 'black lace but I am also thinking of Physocarpus opulifolius something like diablo.

I will be interested to see what others think

22 May, 2019


Sbg I don't think it is either of them. The leaves do not look quite right. Do you think it could be Anthriscus sylvestris 'Ravenswing'.

22 May, 2019


More likely to be an actaea I think. 'Ravenswing' is more fernlike

22 May, 2019


Sambucus black tower?

23 May, 2019


yes actaea also fits the bill nicely. but I still cant get a decent view on my device.

23 May, 2019


How about one of dark leaf Astilbes?

23 May, 2019


My first thought was Astilbe, but Actea 'negligee' could also be a contender, Derek.

23 May, 2019


Thanks for you help everyone..It is definitely an Actaea,or sometimes known as neighbour will be delighted to know it's name,and so am I,as I am quietly confident he will pass some on to me ! Lol..

24 May, 2019

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