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Taking aquilegia seeds. As I was deadheading the plants this morning, I wondered about keeping some of the aquilegia seeds and trying to grow some. So, I have nipped off some seedheads and saved them and am lookng for some advice. I know that they naturally spread prolifically, but thought I could maybe have some fun.
So.......... are these seedheads any use? Are they not yet 'ripe'? What should do to dry them out and get them ready to sow? In fact, I need to know everything to do with this. Including throwing them away and starting again! It's a long time since I have taken my own seeds and those were probably pansies! :)
I have several heads like those in the image.




no where near ripe I am afraid and they wont develop viable seed. they are aquilega seeds pods though. the pods start to swell and go brown in about 6 weeks after the petals have fallen. when they are ready they start to split from the tips. then take the seed and shake into a paper bag. the seed should be shiny and black when ripe. sow them in any compost and you will get germination within a few weeks. when you have plants with 2 true leaves, they look like the parent leaf you can then pot them on and when big enough to plant out put where you want.
or you can sow the seed in the garden where you want them to grow and just thin out when they are overcrowded.

23 May, 2019


Thanks, Seaburngirl. I suspected that they were not ripe enough. I know what you mean as I can remember pansy seeds going like this and gathering those. I will keep a watch for them on the plant as I have left a few seedheads.

23 May, 2019


The ones that do grow are usually nearer to the wild form and the flowers are much smaller than the hybrid ones. The self sown ones in our garden are mostly blue, with a few rather dirty looking pink ones. Anyone know how the growers produce the gorgeous ones around now?

23 May, 2019


they use other species too like the yellow ones, to introduce different colours. I do get some pretty pale ones. the breeders just chose parents they like and then see what grows. they keep selecting the ones they want until they get a pretty one.

23 May, 2019

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