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Any idea what this silvery leafed Invader is ? Grows very fast and likes dry sandy soil.

Img_20190529_180403883 Img_20190529_180330314_burst001 Img_20190529_180330314_burst000_cover



Looks like it might be alkanet with beautiful blue flowers it is a native wildflower if it is but it can be a nuisance in a garden.

23 May, 2019


Its not an Invader as i first thought it's one of those plants that i sprinkled the seeds out as it's an annual and it hasn't come up in its first year so i forgotten about it thrown the packet away and forgotten about it only for it germinate in its second year i think its a silene/Dianthus it has paleish pink flowers

23 May, 2019


I'm out of touch i call alkanet an anchusa

23 May, 2019


depending on which one it is it is in the genus Anchusa. I'd like to know what it is when it finally flowers.

23 May, 2019


I have green alkanet in the garden. The flowers are a glorious blue, so I only pull it out if it’s really in the wrong place. It spreads very quickly, and can be a bit unruly. I find the hairs can be a bit stingy, but it doesn’t last.

24 May, 2019


Maybe primula? got a feeling about it maybe my brain has breifly flickered into life.

29 May, 2019


these appear to have 4 petals per flower. Dianthus and Silene usually have 5 or based on 5's.
the colour looks pinky and the flower form reminds me of a Veronica or even the larger willowherbs.
was the seed for a garden plant or a wildflower?

30 May, 2019


I would say garden plant it's an oddity from a well known plant family if i remember correctly maybe Chiltern seeds

30 May, 2019

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