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Is this hedgehog poo? Kinda hoping it is....

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Could be, could be Pheasant too or even Badger.

23 May, 2019


The hedgehog poo in my garden is brown and doesn't have those white bits in it. I feed them and see them quite a lot.

23 May, 2019


could be and the bits look like bits of snail shell. the ones in my garden are usually very dark brown/black in appearance.

23 May, 2019


Do hedgehogs ‘crunch’ on slugs shells then? I watched a programme the other day where blue tits will eat discarded snail shells when they are about to kay eggs to increase their calcium intake! Fascinating....

23 May, 2019


Unless the hogs in our garden are not typical, it doesn't look like hedgehog to me. It usually has a pointy bit at one end and the second picture definitely looks wrong. Hedgehog Street website will give a definitive answer. I love that site.
Amsterdam, that IS fascinating and to think that animals (us too) have evolved to instinctively know what they need and when. I think we have lost much of our instinct or we wouldn't be doing things that are obviously bad for our body. That's another reason why genetics are fascinating also; it's linked to evolution.
Sorry - bit of a ramble.

23 May, 2019


Merlinbaby - springwatch starts soon again where they come up with interesting wildlife facts. Still hoping it is a hedgehog. Am trying to talk my husband into installing a wild life camera in the garden to c what goes on during the night.....

24 May, 2019


When I want to check whether it's hedgehogs eating the food I put out, I just use some dried mealworms. Hogs love them although apparently they shouldn't eat too many as they are thought to be the cause of a bone deficiency. I usually put cat food at various points but of course cats will eat that too but don't like the mealworms.
Roll on Springwatch and Chris Packham. He makes science fun doesn't he!
What a fab thing it would be to have a night-time camera. Hope your husband agrees. Good luck with your hedgehog hunting.

25 May, 2019

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