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Friend or foe this colonising a small area i cannot I'd it but I'm sure someone might

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does it have a white runner underground when you dig it up? If yes then it is enchanter's nightshade; Circaea lutetiana. it is a bit of a thug I am afraid. a pain to dig out.

23 May, 2019


I've got it in this garden, it seems to pop up in various places but I don't find it bothers me too much. If it comes up in a place where I don't want it I just pull it up. The flowers remind me of little stars :)

23 May, 2019


I try to get it out before the little stars appear though...

23 May, 2019


Pain in the proverbial - long thinnish white roots that spread everywhere and break easily. I never did manage to eradicate it from one particular garden in 25 years, probably because it was next door too...

23 May, 2019


Thank you i will try to "round it up"

24 May, 2019

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