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By Chega

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Just got some Levingtons multi purpose compost to plant up hanging baskets watered as normal but this morning they still feel saturated? Worried in very rainy periods will possible rot the roots?



I wouldn't worry about waterlogging. You will find that even if you overwater, the compost will only retain so much water and the residue will drain away. A problem will only arise when the plants have a very small root system so they won't be able to cope with sitting in very wet conditions.

24 May, 2019


If the baskets have good drainage then it will just drain away, the only problem could be if the basket is of the solid type and not free draining
Not used Levington for decades but it was always top dog & I assume if it remains there it "just works"

24 May, 2019


Thanks for your replies the baskets doing well but with this compost I think if you miss watering a day or so they won't dry out as quick as some multi purpose composts, so it's a positive

2 Jul, 2019

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