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Friend or foe? Could someone tell me what these grubs are?

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Vine weevils about to change into adults. Kill,kill,kill!

25 May, 2019


Thank you. Exterminate!! Will get some nematode stuff as well.

25 May, 2019


yes look like the vine weevils just before they pupate into adults. so if found in compost in pots that is what they are. as said destroy. birds love them as do pond fish.

25 May, 2019


Where there's a couple there's probably more too? Give the soil another turn...

25 May, 2019


I have ordered nematodes stuff which I will promptly apply. Although I changed the soil in the pot you just never know.....🙄

26 May, 2019


And don't use peat based compost, they hate it.

27 May, 2019

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