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I have 2 standard Magnolias. Not deep red just plain .They did not flower or do anything this year. They looked dead but a couple of weeks ago new growth started at the base. New leaves. Crazy. I'll let you know what happens next. Would you chuck 'em?



I would say chuck 'em. For whatever reason, the site you have it in isn't suitable for magnolias.

1 Jun, 2019


It could be that the magnolia rootstock was used to make the plant more or less vigorous and not for its best flowering aspect. If the space in your garden is not needed for something else, why not let them continue to grow and then, cut off the old dead stem and wait and see what you have? If your space is needed then discard the old plants.

1 Jun, 2019


Both trees are dead as you observed. Unless we are in the 'tree apocalypse' why not clear the land and find a more appropriate location for the next replacement. The growth you see will most likely follow suit.

1 Jun, 2019


They were in 2 tubs & did not get enough water in the dry spell. I have them in tubs to brighten up a patio that catches morning sun

1 Jun, 2019


I would not recommend planting magnolias in tubs at all.

1 Jun, 2019

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