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Can anyone ID please?

These red ‘spots’ are on some of the leaves of our apple tree, should I leave them or pick them off? The tree is fruiting well already (see pic 2), and the fruits don’t seem to be affected. It’s only on three or four leaves.

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I'm not sure but it could be a fungus. If it's only a few leaves I would pick them off to try and prevent it spreading.

2 Jun, 2019


I would say that it's leaf scorch. If you look the leaf has curled and early dew or rain will settle and then the sun shines on it and then scorch occurs.

2 Jun, 2019


It may be a minor nutrient deficiency.
I still use miracle gro which I know many don't like but it's a fast, easy way to provide things like magnesium, etc. if you can't mulch with nice, rich compost.

2 Jun, 2019

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