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By Cestina

South Bohemia, Czech Republic Cz

Too late for sweet peas? I was given two hanging baskets with sweet peas and had hoped to be back in the Czech Republic by mid-May to plant them. However I only arrived last night and am wondering if I might be better leaving them till next year.

The instructions say plant Feb-May for flowering June-Sept; the seeds are viable till 2021.

Summers can be very hot here... Should I leave it or plant them tomorrow and hope for the best?



Nothing is written in stone. That's just general guide. It's not THAT late. I'd go for it.

1 Jun, 2019


The seed can be bought online fairly cheaply to try again next year. Sow them but avoid excessive sun drying out the baskets until they're well established

2 Jun, 2019


Thanks both :-) Just planted them and placed in warm spot out of the sunlight. Fingers crossed. And yes of course I can buy more seeds next year - the problem is transporting seedlings across Europe in an already packed car so I have to wait till I am here to plant them.

2 Jun, 2019


Why not just purchase seeds and start the seedlings in your house? That way you control every step in setting them out.

2 Jun, 2019

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