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Wild Roses are Clean & Fresh. Why are the wild roses clean of aphids and anything else, but the roses in my garden are plagued with everything under the sun? Why can't my roses be like these? These are 100% wild.

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Strange isn't it.
Black spot is the same - my roses are infested with it but the wild ones in the hedgerow at the back of my garden seem clear of it.
Maybe wild roses are tougher than cultivated ones and therefore able to resist peats and diseases.

2 Jun, 2019


No idea but I must say I like the wild rose :o))

2 Jun, 2019


For more than a century, rose breeders have been concentrating on flower size and color, and ignoring pest and disease resistance. After all, all you need is a regular spray program with DDT and Benomyl to deal with them--though we all know where that led!
Lately, some breeders have been trying to put that natural resistance back, but primarily in the shrub and groundcover types.

2 Jun, 2019


Thanks Tugbrethil - that answers a plethora of questions. I wouldn't mind these wild roses across my back fence. Maybe the thorns would deter those pesky raccoons from scoffing up my carrots.

Thank you everybody for your responses.

2 Jun, 2019

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