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By Hywel

Carmarthenshire, Wales Wal

How deep should a raised bed for vegetables be ? The soil already there in the ground is quite deep but I want to know how high up the vegetables would like it to be.



Mine go down to China, but about 2 feet at least should suffice for the root vegetables.

2 Jun, 2019


What are you planning to grow Hywel?
If you've already dug the ground where it'll go to a spade's depth or more you could count that, so another two foot high would be more than enough for all but Guinness Record breaking carrots😄
Only other consideration re:height would be the convenience for you of having a comfortable height to work at & to be able to reach the middle of the bed without climbing on it. & the cost of filling it of course...

2 Jun, 2019


Thank you both …

Darren I hope to grow a few small things in it such as carrots radishes shallots etc. It will be about 6 ft x 5 ft .
Maybe about 2 ft high would work. I usually kneel down when I'm planting things in the garden.

2 Jun, 2019


Sounds good Hywel, if I had a few quid spare I'd like a couple myself to beat my rubble filled space.
Another thing to take into account is the amount of sun it gets but even semi-shaded you can grow nice lettuce, mustard leaves & leafy herbs like parsley & coriander. Makes sense to grow the more expensive things in a small but perfect growing space?
The rain will probably compact the soil a bit as you go on so the surface level will drop. It's worth being ready with a Winter strategy to replenish it but there's loads of info to be had by browsing the no-dig gardening websites & looking at things like the lasagne technique & how to heat the soil under clear plastic to kill weeds, etc.

3 Jun, 2019


Thanks, very helpful :)

3 Jun, 2019

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