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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Am in trouble again guys, i’ve grown my toms exactly as I have for the last 10 years but the tops of 3 of them are as shown below. I hope I haven’t sent 2 pictures of one of them.

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What type are they Hank? I'm growing some beefsteak ones this year & pretty they ain't!
I've just started giving them low nitrogen tom feed last week & they look as though they'll produce fairly well. Just keep an eye on them as the fruit develop in case they look to need thinning out a bit, should be fine 😊

3 Jun, 2019


Thanks D, can’t find the label but I know they were beefsteak ones, and they were superb last year. I have a photo of a plate them from last year - pity I can’t include it here - you’d know them immediately. May remember it later.

3 Jun, 2019


If it's Costoluto Florentino then I was one person who took your recommendation!

3 Jun, 2019


Yes D, i just found the packet. Superb and huge last year.
Bought a new packet this year and not doing so well. Sorry if I misguided you but will try them again next year.

4 Jun, 2019


D. Can send you a photo of last year’s results, I have a large plate of them - and they taster good too.

4 Jun, 2019


I'm not complaining yet, my four are looking alright at the moment. Big flowers getting found by the bees, the first couple of closed up, wrinkled flowers promising signs of fruit...
I hardly ever eat fresh toms so I'm looking forward to them!

4 Jun, 2019

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