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i am growing papaver poppys but they are dying i dug one up the soil seemed ok apart from red ants are these killing them, Any one know please.



It could well be the ants. They disturb the roots so it may be a good idea to dig them out and replant, first making sure there are no ants on them. Then I think your best option is to put down some ant bait where the poppies were.

6 Jun, 2019


If you feel that your poppies will tolerate it, I would water regularly as the ants will not like these conditions.

6 Jun, 2019


Or the ants carried some sort of wilt fungus or the like in.
Extra watering & a moderate liquid feed (1/2 strength) might nurse them along.
I've used ground cinnamon to ward off ants successfully in paving cracks

6 Jun, 2019


Thanks all will try all.

6 Jun, 2019

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