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Vale of Glamorgan, Wales Wal

Rosa Belmonte white with a faint touch of pink in centre when young. If you take cuttings off non flowering shoots will you get Rosa Belmonte results or will they revert to one of the parents of the origional or will they be an un named rose.



If you take cuttings in the way you describe, you will get Rosa Belmonte, the same as the parent. However, most roses are grafted onto a different rootstock, often to increase vigour in the grafted, upper part, so you may find the cuttings you take don't have the same habit of growth as your existing one.

8 Jun, 2019


Thanks Bamboo but it is very strange as The Rosa Belmonte is the only Rose of that type I have in the garden the leaves look exactly the same and same type of growth but the flowers are pink on the cuttings and white on the parent plant I have failed to get the photos on but will add them when I get help. cant cope with these modern phones I used to be ok with my old system!!!

9 Jun, 2019


I did look up the parentage of Rosa Belmonte and it is Dr Darley x Pretty Lady. Dr. Darley looks very much like my new bush same colour and type but pretty lady is a lot deeper in colour. It just seem strange to me that those 2 roses produced a white rose!!!in the first place. The wonders of Nature!!

9 Jun, 2019


Hi Thelma, as bamboo says the cutting taken from above the rootstock should be the same as the bush ie white flowers. I wonder if there is some reversion going on, or you have inadvertently taken a cutting from a sucker from the rootstock.

10 Jun, 2019


Hello Seaburngirl Hi again!! No I definitely took the Autumn young strong non flowering growth from the main part of the bush as I would normally do, that is why I was so amazed at the result, so I just wondered if it was a throw back from Dr. Darley as I was quite sure it would be white and after waiting all this time I was quite surprised at the result. That is why I wondered if there could be throw backs to line breeding just like in cattle and humans. Added to the fact that it is the only Pink rose of that type I have in my garden, and the formation of the buds and colour of the leaves are so much like the parent plant. Even so I am overjoyed with the results I have two lovely rose bushes. Just wondered if I could name them as un-named roses!!!!!

10 Jun, 2019


I have just realised my telme8 picture is a pink rose but that was a Peter Beal's rose called John Grooms I had years ago and has now died out just in case some one thinks, I have got another pink rose in my garden!! As you know I love my roses but so many of them are Bourbon and old types as well as the ramblers, never had many high bred Ts.

10 Jun, 2019

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