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Please could you name the Wild Flower & the Moth for me please x
Also the 2nd Wild Flower too please x

Think it an Eye Moth?

Flower Wild_flower



top yellow flower looks like ragwort [Jacobaea vulgaris, syn. Senecio jacobaea] and the orange is fox and cubs [Pilosella aurantiaca].

as for the moth I suspect it might be a Bright line Brown eye moth. But there are lots of brown moths.

10 Jun, 2019


Thank You for your help Eileen, I'm entering the pics into a competition at a camera club I belong to, so must get all the Names of flowers & insects etc.right LOL x

10 Jun, 2019


Good luck😊

10 Jun, 2019


Re. your moth: the Ear moth (Amphipoea oculea) looks a better match.

10 Jun, 2019


I believe the ragwort is the only food plant of the cinnabar moth. The caterpillars are very striking with black and yellow stripes. The moths have a lot of red in them though,so I don't think yours is a cinnabar, but it might be worth looking up moths attracted by ragwort or using it as a food plant.

10 Jun, 2019


yes Longleaf, I think ear moth is a much better match. There are so many brown ones that can be so similar as to be confusing.

11 Jun, 2019


Thanks for all info, what would I do without you all xx
Re the Competition, I wasn't a winner but got a 15 & a 16 out of 20 for my pics :o)) so well happy.

12 Jun, 2019


That's pretty good! All this bloody rain it feels like ages since I've taken any new photos. I've never entered a competition, did they give you feedback on what lost you points?

12 Jun, 2019


Great stuff! Well done..nice photos!

12 Jun, 2019


I lost points on the Ragwort as I had cropped it too much & it was pixaleted, Dah! Silly Me, never mind, one learns by their mistakes, they always give good advice, praise & critasisam :o))

16 Jun, 2019

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