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What is this peculiar plant I found in my garden? It has a very ragged appearance. This one is approximately 3 feet tall. Thanks

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Thought at first it was one of the sow thistles, but the leaves are wrong for that. Replying to see the answers.

13 Jun, 2019


Bolted radishes?

13 Jun, 2019


Don't think so Darren. I don't eat radishes. thanks

13 Jun, 2019


I would have said that it was a sewan - local dialect for a sow thistle. Does it have a square stem with a white sap when damaged? Generally considered to be a field weed.

14 Jun, 2019


Definitely a weed. Pull it out and bin it before it seeds all over.

14 Jun, 2019


it looks like common sowthistle [Sonchus oleraceus] as it isn't spiny leaved. it is certainly classed as a weed or Native wildflower.

14 Jun, 2019


Thanks Everybody. It's gone.

14 Jun, 2019

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