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By Tadpole

Gwynedd, United Kingdom Gb

Hi. I have this perennial cornflower growing in a pot here and I. Other parts of the garden it’s in beds with other flowers. The outside stems are collapsing with new growth coming in the centre. Is this normal for this plant? If so, will further flowers come if I trim off the outside stems? It’s just that it’s collapsing and spoiling nearby plants, but I’d like to keep the flowers coming if possible because bees love them so much. Is there anything I can do to prevent this happening next years? Many thanks.




Once they’ve finished flowering cut the stems right back, new foliage will spring up and you should get a repeat flowering, however sometimes you just get a flush of foliage, to keep them upright you could use some of those hoop supports.

14 Jun, 2019


Some green twine tied in a loop about 1/3 way up the stems would bring them together & lift them. Not too tight, obviously, just enough to tidy

14 Jun, 2019


I need to tie mine too...same problem!

14 Jun, 2019


yes they do flop like this. every year I say to my self 'stake these before they get too tall'. but like this year I haven't and they have flopped.
cut back and stake ready for a second flush of flowers.

14 Jun, 2019


Thank you all very much.

16 Jun, 2019

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