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I have another question .i can’t fathom this out.last year I bought lavender and put it in a was and still is healthy looking.last year in spite of the hot weather it never turned purple,it was like “white lavender”.So.far this year it hasn’t turned purple yet though I can see little traces of purple.ive never come across that before.Anyone heard of that.ihave another pot of lavender I got for my birthday in April and it’s been going strong.



Not sure what you mean by 'turn purple' - most lavenders produce purple flowers, so maybe you mean your plant did not flower last year? but it sounds like its beginning to form flowers for this year....

17 Jun, 2019


you can get lavenders with variation in colour from the palest purple to really deep purple. there are also white varieties and pink ones. so perhaps you have a white flower form.
the white form of English lavender has been prized for centuries apparently.

this link shows lots of different varieties.

17 Jun, 2019


Thanks for your replies.ill just have to be patient.

17 Jun, 2019

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