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Tomatoes gone “leggy” help please
I have had to keep my tomato plants inside on the windowsill because of torrential rain and now strong wind. I’ve put them out in the occasional break in the rain but they have gone too tall and not very strong looking. Now the weathers a bit better I can plant them out but do I need to pinch the tops out to help them?
Many thanks for any help




I wouldn't pinch the tops out but you can plant them deeper; up to just below the the first set of mature leaves. They will sprout a second lot of roots from the buried stem.

17 Jun, 2019


Agree with THO especially the leave the top alone. Make sure you harden off, don't just bung it out or it will sulk and be even worse than now

17 Jun, 2019


Tomatoes are not like people. They love being out in the rain. Mine already have tomatoes developing. Rain is the best water you can hope for. It's loaded with atmospheric nitrogen. The wind is good too - it pollinates the flowers and makes the vines grow strong and robust. The season is short: do exactly as Jimmy suggested.

17 Jun, 2019


That’s great advice thank you. I’ll be getting them used to the outside and then planting them out good and deep.

17 Jun, 2019


You don't say what type of toms they are i.e. vine or bush but if you plant them deep in a prime, sunny spot & feed them you may find that the lower side shoots catch up with the main stem fairly well

19 Jun, 2019


I'm trying the fish emulsion fertilizer this year. It stinks to high heaven, but I dilute a couple tablespoons in a gallon of water and my tomatoes are going gangbusters. They are all strong & healthy and loaded with blossoms and I see teeny tiny tomatoes starting to form.

19 Jun, 2019

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