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My Philadelphus is not flowering in the middle of the bush so I need to prune it after flowering.Flowers at the top of bush and on new shoots at the base. Advice please.



You don't give much information on age, position, general health, size, but would probably benefit from a thinning out of the middle. A picture would help too. Is it in a pot or ground? It may also benefit from a different position so you don't face this same issue again in 2 years.

28 Jun, 2019


I've found these very tolerant of fairly radical pruning so I'd shorten the taller non flowering stems right back . Yo don't say how tall the bush is but you should get away with taking two thirds off the height of them. It should bounce back quite quickly. It might enjoy a feed to help it on its way but should happily manage without.

28 Jun, 2019


Philadelphus is one of those shrubs that benefits from having up to a third of its older shoots cut down to ground level, if its old and congested. It sounds like yours probably needs this treatment, so you could remove unproductive (in terms of flowers as well as dead wood) now, while you can see which ones to take down, and then prune back the other branches which have flowered as usual (as Steragram describes) once flowering is finished. You may need to reshape as well as just cutting back flowered wood - stand back and look at it as you prune back, just to make sure you won't finish up with an ugly shaped bush.

28 Jun, 2019

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