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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have 2 big, 7 ft tall healthy cucumber plants, both have lots of small cus on them but none growing. Should I take some of the smaller ones off ? Would that help ?



No, I would leave them alone unless you like eating teeny tiny cucumbers. They are working very hard albeit perfection takes time. The plant must divide it's energy among all the fruits. They taste best around 5-8 inches. Any bigger, they start to decline in taste & texture. Keep them well watered and a good balanced fertilizer. They are very hungry & thirsty plants at this stage.

1 Jul, 2019


Thanks B, i’ll do just as you say.

2 Jul, 2019


What type are they Hank?

2 Jul, 2019


The friend who recommended them to me said they were telegraph I’m pretty sure. Hers last year extended across her greenhouse roof. Mine are about 7 ft tall just now.

2 Jul, 2019


They're doing you beggar all good as massive vines if there's no decent cucumbers? Sounds like a variety to be avoided in future? & if you leave them & then you get ten or twenty useable cukes in a week what good is that? You couldn't eat them all & they don't store for long.
Take half or more of the little ones off & pickle them as cornichons or gherkins or something & stop them growing taller imo

3 Jul, 2019


Sounds like a plan D, will try it on one of my plants.thanks.

3 Jul, 2019


Have just lopked thoroughly at my cuc plants and have found one 3 about 9 inches long, but they’re only 1 1/4 inches diameter. They were deep in the foliage. Will check one out with my salad this evening.

3 Jul, 2019


That's a good result then! I had a cuke a couple of years back that grew down behind it's container, it was the size of a marrow! The skin was really thick & the seeds were big but the flesh had a nice melon kind of texture

3 Jul, 2019

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