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Name for this grass/sedge, please? The plant is six feet tall.
It appeared in our garden a few years ago then flowered for the first time last year. It is not the sort of thing that would have seeds used in bird feed nor do any of our neighbours grow it.
One feature that does not appear in the pics is that the sold leaves have minute hard hairs up the edges of each leaf, pointing upwards towards the tip. If I run my fingers up the leaf than I dont feel them; run my fingers down the leaf then they are very obvious.

Dsc_0004 Dsc_0007



Hi Bulba, it looks like a very young Cortaderia selloana to me, the 'hairs' being the reason you have to wear strong gloves, when dealing with them, Derek.

2 Jul, 2019


Young, Derek, how do you mean young!! :-)). Does this mean that it is going to grow much larger? If so, it will have to go.

2 Jul, 2019


Think Pampas Grass! thats the common name...

3 Jul, 2019


Hi Bulba, sorry about that, a few years ago it was very popular, but seems to have lost favour now, Derek.

3 Jul, 2019

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