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Purple sprouting broccoli sprouting in July.


I sewed purple sprouting broccoli on the early side of the season indoors, and planted out in Spring. They were the rudolph variety which should produce their brocoli in winter, but have started providing harvest able sprours already!
Will the continue into winter, or have I done something wrong?
I live in Bristol, use raised beds in a sun/partial shade spot. Chicken manure fertiliser every few weeks. Nothing unusual that I can think of in gardening behaviour

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It could be a reaction to some stress like uneven watering or too much sun? Plants often try to flower when they feel they're doomed.
Try using an upturned plastic bottle with a small hole in the cap to trickle water in to the roots

4 Jul, 2019


Yes, it would seem that you sowed it very early and it has matured now rather than Autumn into Winter. The only observation that I can make is that it will finish early and the heads will become progressively smaller as you crop them.

4 Jul, 2019


I watched Gardeners World last night and Monty's broccoli had bolted too. He said put it on the compost heap as it tastes bitter - I've only grown it once and it was so full of caterpillars I didn't grow it again!

6 Jul, 2019

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