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All i can tell you about these is they take a long time to grow so i guess perrenial. hey currently about 3" in 4 months are draught ttolerent. From seeds lying around in envolpe with a question mark on it.

Img_20190707_163946839 Img_20190707_163932408 Img_20190707_164026837



can you remember what the seeds look liked? were they round flat discs? I am thinking perhaps a mallow or even a hollyhock.

having said that my first thought was hedge garlic/jack by the hedge which is a british native. [Alliaria petiolata] but you wouldn't necessarily want to grow it.

7 Jul, 2019


I thought Jack-by-the-hedge too, but really think they are Hollyhocks. Jack-by-the-hedge doesn't have quite such a fluffy/hairy looking leaf.

7 Jul, 2019


They do resemble hollyhock leaves, but also a few other things. All I can say is be patient. They will eventually reveal themselves to you for that 'ah ha' moment.

8 Jul, 2019


Thank you yes im almost sure it's alliaria it is the type of thing that i like to grow then find out later it's invasive and hard to get rid of. Although leaf shape can look different in its second year the description of the way it grows seems to exactly fit.Thank you again for saving me the trouble of introducing another friend for life.

8 Jul, 2019


I’m sure they’re hollyhocks. I’m growing them from seed too and they look exactly like yours....I’ve just put them in the garden from the potting shed.

8 Jul, 2019


I thought Garlic Mustard. Time will tell - I'd wait a while and see what habit they develop.

8 Jul, 2019

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