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I planted 25 ranunculus corms in pots indoors in February and most thrived and growing approx 6" stems with plenty of leaves. However, before planting out at start of June all of the plants stems started to flop over with the leaves turning yellow and brown. I thought when I planted them out they would improve but only one of the plants is about to produce a flower with the rest looking really poorily.
They have a min of 6 hours sun a day are in good well drained soil with no sign of any pests or mould ?

On plant Ranunculus



Don't they prefer cool, moist soil with moderate shade?

9 Jul, 2019


I wonder if they got too dry in their pots so started the dying back process. were they pot bound? if yes did you tease the roots out before planting and have you watered well. keep them well watered but not waterlogged as they prefer free draining soil.
trim off any obviously dead leaves.

conversely did they get too wet in their pots?

9 Jul, 2019

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