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Hi All

I'm just harvesting some of my Nicola potatoes and got the following. Could someone please tell me something about the darker three? Are they meant to be eaten? I have noticed before that you sometimes get a dark one but it is usually uselessly squashed. Sorry if this is a dumb question as usual!




Those look fine. Only don't eat any 'green potatoes'. Those aren't green. It's just a darker variety, maybe red which are yummy! I'd be curious to try it.

9 Jul, 2019


Did the dark ones all come off the same plant? If so it might have been a different variety that got with the seed potatoes by mistake? They do have a greenish look under the skin though - try peeling one and if it is green discard it.

9 Jul, 2019


I'd certainly scrape the skin back and see if the tuber is green. if they are don't eat. I suspect they might have been at the surface or from a different variety as Stera suggests.

10 Jul, 2019


Thanks for your comments.
They came out of the same container but I think each one is from a separate tuber. I tend to put three in a container. One has gone rather soft so I will throw that one away.

10 Jul, 2019

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