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By Sjw

gloucestershire, United Kingdom Gb

quite a few of my fushia’s seem to die before they have fully opened their buds, why is this and do they like to be kept on the dry or moist side.




Fuchsias like shade/partial shade with humus rich, 'moist but well drained' soil, meaning not waterlogged soil, but not soil that dries out regularly. Keep them well watered whether in pots or the ground, but they do flower much better in shadier conditions.

11 Jul, 2019


I'm guessing they're in a container? From the photo the dappled shade & healthy leaves suggest they like the position which may've made them outgrow the container. Fuchsias benefit from regular potting on.
I'd go with a little less water so the roots can breathe if you can't re-pot. Poke your finger into the soil to check for moisture like you would with a houseplant

11 Jul, 2019


They are not keen on the full hot sun that we've been having lately, so agree, keep them watered regularly. In pots its much more important than in the ground - mature ones are more tolerant than young ones. The flower in the photo looks scorched to me.

12 Jul, 2019


I'm new to growing fuchsias. Stera is undoubtedly right about scorching from too strong direct sun. Darn you changeable English weather!😊
I had some similar damage on my basil plants recently but my shaded fuchsias are doing well

13 Jul, 2019

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