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By Pammie

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

My Pear tree isn’t looking good this year Sad ,Few pears haven’t grown , every year we’ve had a really good crop .
Pics show bit “ Fungi “. I mean could be last year ,of life , it is about 40 yrs old .So we can’t complain . Or have other Pear growers had bad year This Year




When was it last pruned?
This site's helpful:

11 Jul, 2019


40 years isn't that old for a pear tree. It has at least another 10 years of productivity.

11 Jul, 2019


Neighbour near my last house had one over his fence that he said was 100 years old...
Just wondering if the fungus you show on one of the pears is actually bird droppings?

12 Jul, 2019


Sometimes the tree will have an off year now and then.

12 Jul, 2019


Steragram your comment about pear shown ,yes that was bird dropping ,but fungi is on branches ,& top of newest shoots look “sad “
Thankyou for all your comments Darren8 ,& Bathgate,.I will take advice & look to see a best way / time to prune.40 years + amazes me of a Pear Tree life

12 Jul, 2019


if the 'fungus' that yellowish growth I can see on the branches? if so that looks like lichen and is a sign of clean air. if its white and fluffy it could be wooly aphid. there seems to be a lot of it about at present.

can you add a photo of the fungus so we can have a good look at that?

12 Jul, 2019

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