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Peace lily. I’ve grown them for years without trouble - until we moved house 5 years ago. I brought with me the original mother plant and two of its many offspring. Soon after we arrived they all took sick and died, much to my disappointment. A few months ago I bought another but the blooms were very misshapen and that it gave up the ghost within a week. I returned it to the garden centre and replaced it with a larger different variety. Now, after 3 weeks that one is drooping. I’ve even repotted it but it’s clearly not too happy. It’s in a north facing room so doesn't get sun.
Has anyone any suggestions?



I have no answer, only sympathy, because I've got the same problem. I grow loads of different foliage houseplants, but Peace Lily just hates it here and I've no idea why. I've just disposed of the latest sorry specimen, so am hoping someone else might have some tips I've not tried myself.... the room I keep my plants in gets no sun all summer, but plenty during the winter - seems to be during summer the peace lily just gives up.

13 Jul, 2019


I also have the same problem, wonder if the house is too warm as I losing them in the summer but they do well in the winter and the house is cooler then.

13 Jul, 2019


Hi, if you use tap water for watering, that could be the cause, they're very sensitive to chemicals in tap water, they like a moist soil, but not overwatering, they don't mind low light, but flower better in a brighter light, Derek.

14 Jul, 2019


Mine are nothing to write home about. I keep them all going and get the odd bloom. I have been wondering whether it could be something to do with the gas fire I use in the sitting room in winter. They do seem better in summer. I water them when they droop but don't drench them.
My friend down the road keeps one in her north facing sitting room and has it sitting in water most of the time and hers is a great success so maybe more water is the answer.

14 Jul, 2019


Thank you all for your comments. It seems that I’m not alone with this problem.

What I’ve done now, after the repotting, is to put pebbles at the bottom of the pot. As for watering I had been using rainwater until the butt dried up now I use tap water that’s been left standing for several hours. Anyway, my plant is looking a little better but although the soil feels a little dry I’m reluctant to water it again yet. We’re away for a couple of nights from today and I’m wondering whether I dare leave it dry for that long.

Decisions, decisions!

15 Jul, 2019

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