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CUCUMBERS. (Correction).
Apologies to all who showed interest, I told you my cucumber was called telegraph but it’s not, it’s telepathy. Between my daughter and I we must have eaten at least a dozen and not one was bitter.
And according i’ve information I’ve read recently cucs are very good for me ( unpeeled ) so I’m slicing them, putting them in vinegar and eating them every time I have a sandwich or a pizza etc.



Sounds good. I love a cucumber & tomato salad. They pair up nicely together with a vinaigrette dressing, feta cheese crumbled and black pepper.

14 Jul, 2019


I guess from the name similarity they must be quite closely related.
If you've got a B&M store nearby I recently bought a pint of organic cider vinegar for about £1.20, which is incredibly cheap! It's the cloudy stuff with a live culture said to be good for the gut biome

14 Jul, 2019


apparently it is an improved telegraph variety. It is an all female plant which is why they are not bitter to the taste.

14 Jul, 2019


Ah, that solves it S.G. I thought I was being lucky not having a bitter one in the first 12 cucs. Made my day.

And D, are you suggesting I get the organic cider vinegar in which to soak my cucs ? If so I shop at B. & M. regularly and will pick a bottle up.

14 Jul, 2019


Yes, definitely! If your local one stocks it. Not neat but as a part of a vinaigrette or for making refrigerator pickles with a brine.
If you've got too many cukes you can make jars of pickles. Fermented types need care so you don't get nasty bugs but just making a vinegar/salt/sugar mix with some herbs & spices for putting in the fridge is easy. Dill is the obvious herb, chillies or black peppercorns are good, adding turmeric makes it a bit more piccalilli.
There are loads of recipes online

14 Jul, 2019


Right thanks, I’m on it tomorrow.hope they have it.

14 Jul, 2019

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