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Hi can anyone id this interloper? Leaves feel like suede

Img_20190715_135402534 Img_20190715_134909696 Img_20190715_135354160



an early thought was white poplar but not convinced.
are the stems 'downy'.

15 Jul, 2019


It doesn't look white enough on the undersides of the leaves to be a white poplar, to me. I was thinking a plane tree seedling (Platanus).

17 Jul, 2019


I guess it's just a tree seedling although it does grow medium fast tree seeds usually are slow aren't they?

20 Jul, 2019


many trees have very fast growth rates in the first few years to get leaves up and out of completion with other plants. so its not unusual.

20 Jul, 2019


In my climate, Chinese elm grows about a foot the first year, while white popinac can grow more than six feet!

22 Jul, 2019


Ok thanks

2 Aug, 2019

How do I say thanks?

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