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By Annyloo

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

Something is eating the leaves on my wisteria




from the very neat 'circle' I would say you have leaf cutter bees at work. a lovely find if that's the case. the leaf disc is rolled into a tube and an egg is laid inside where it develops.

15 Jul, 2019


Agree its likely leaf cutter bees - it won't harm the Wisteria; in August, most of the whippy growths need pruning right back anyway.

15 Jul, 2019


Thankyou for your answers I was getting worried that it might be something nasty that would kill the wisteria and yes I will be pruning in August it has only flowered for the last three years .Many thanks

16 Jul, 2019


For as long as I have been on this earth I have seen the leaf cutter bee’s work but have never seen this bee at work cutting the leaf. Has anyone seen this bee actually on the job?

17 Jul, 2019


yes I have and I have found the rolled up cocoons with larva in a compost bin in the back garden. I have photos of those but not the adults at work. They were cutting early in the morning ie 6am or there a bouts. it was my climbing rose that was 'attacked'.

17 Jul, 2019

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