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By Treetop

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all, okay bought this little fuchsia last week, it looked a bit sick, so I re-potted in some fresh compost two days ago. It's still not looking in the best of health. Do I dump it or give it a chance?




Not looking good at the moment Treetop,but give it a chance to settle,plus it looks to be in full sun,which won't help. I would move it to a shaded area,if possible and keep well watered in this warm weather,also maybe trim it back a little..Some TLC should hopefully help it to recover..good luck..let us know if it starts to perk up ..:o)

16 Jul, 2019


Agree with Bloomer - if its a hardy fuchsia you can cut it back by a third to a half, which will reduce the strain on the roots and encourage recovery.

16 Jul, 2019


agree keep it but move to the shade and cut down by 1/2. keep the compost moist but not sitting in water.

16 Jul, 2019


Thanks, folks it is in the shade, as a rule, I put it out there just to photograph it. Your comments are much appreciated. Treetop

16 Jul, 2019

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