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Is this a gift?

I have watched a glabrous leaved plant develop over the llast week or so with interest.
almost overnight it has flowered and I have identified it as Ranunculus sceleratus [celery leaved crowfoot]. only about 6" tall it looks pretty inocous doesn't it?

Don't you believe it. according to sources; it is the most toxic of the buttercups
Containing 2.5% protoanemonin. On contact with the human skin it causes blisters and rashes. Apparently it was used by beggars to 'add to their sores to improve their chances of begging'.

luckily it is an annual but I am not sure if I should let it seed and grow in the pond baskets.

what would you do?




Depends how much you like it I guess. It's a fascinating-looking plant and must have its place in the ecosystem. Sounds too toxic if you have children around though. Great pic too.

17 Jul, 2019


Yeh they look amazing out on the prairies & meadows and that's where I think they should stay. As mentioned above, they must have their place. Amazingly, many of these 'toxic' plants are later found to have incredible medicinal properties. Great Photo!

17 Jul, 2019


This wasn't in my wild flower books so asked Google which says it is Finnish and an annual. So I' have a good look, keep the photo and discard it to be on the safe side in case it seeds.. How did you manage to identify it?

17 Jul, 2019


If in doubt and after reading about it I'd get rid...

17 Jul, 2019


I knew it was a Ranunculus by the receptacle/flowers so I used my Clapham Tutin and Warburg plant id book no pictures just a botanical key. { had to buy it as essential use/reading for uni; wasn't cheap either}
Once I had a name I found it in my Keeble Martin British flora book, amazing drawings. it is considered a British native. it is found in Northern temperate regions where there is ''shallow water or wet, disturbed, nutrient-rich mud, especially at the edges of ponds, ditches, streams or rivers.'' As mine is a raised brick walled pond it has hitched a lift probably in compost.

as I don't mind it and wont be rubbing it on myself I will see what it does seed wise. apparently the seeds are long lived. Not seen it in the locality but I've not being looking for it.

17 Jul, 2019


Isn't that interesting, just goes to prove the saying that you learn something new every day? If you don't mind it, harbour it, our wild flowers need all the help they can get.

18 Jul, 2019

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