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When we moved in here the garden was/is full of Fuchsias, probably F. ricartonii and F.magellanica. Noticed over the last three days that two of them have lost all their leaves. And I mean over the last few days. Never seen anything act as fast as that before. Any suggestions as to cause?
No point in a picture as all you can see is bare stem.



Some sort of sawfly larvae?

21 Jul, 2019


No, the leaves are not eaten, they just all fell off over a couple of days. No sign of rust on them either.

21 Jul, 2019


Have you asked Hywel? I don't think he always reads Questions.

22 Jul, 2019


No-one seems to know. All the suggestions I have had do not fit the scenario. Weird.

23 Jul, 2019

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